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You don’t say

neil“Don’t you love it when it gets paid forward like that? . . . Sometimes the world is such a wonderful place.”

JohnJetmanThien, who was surprised when a Georgia restaurateur sent him a picture of rocker Neil Young wearing a Jet Bar-B-Q T-shirt after being inspired by someone who did the same for him when Kid Rock wore one of his restaurant’s shirts

Former Wichita businessman Harold Burtnett to auction his Fredonia estate

WICHITA — After Harold Burtnett sold his SS Express Sanitation to Waste Connections in 2000, he moved to a custom-built house on 133 acres near Fredonia.

Burtnett brought logs from Colorado to build his more than 6,000-square-foot home. He created a 15-acre lake with an island gazebo and a five-ton bridge.

Now, though, Burtnett’s family situation has changed and he wants to return to Wichita, which is where he lived for 50 years.

“It’s just a lot of place for one person,” Burtnett says of the Fredonia house.

Real Estate Auction Partners is auctioning the property at 10 a.m. on June 19. You can bid now on the website or at the property that day.

“If you’re into nature, you just can’t beat it, Burtnett says.

He says that while there are a lot of high-end finishes in the house, the land is relatively unchanged from when he bought it. He says there is great deer and turkey hunting on the property and “any kind of critters out here that you can imagine.”

Burtnett says that how hard it will be for him to leave depends on the day.

“One day it is, next day it’s not.”