Cathedral Art Metal of Rhode Island sues Wichita’s JT Enterprises for copyright infringement

WICHITA — Rhode Island-based Cathedral Art Metal has filed a federal lawsuit against Wichita-based JT Enterprises alleging copyright infringement.

Cathedral Art designs and manufactures inspirational, religious and other gifts and jewelry.

JT Enterprises is a distributor of a variety of fundraising items.

At issue is a line of religious and inspirational bookmarks, a plaque with the Lord’s Prayer and an art angel logo, all of which Cathedral Art says it created.

Cathedral Art contends that JT Enterprises has sold and tried to distribute virtually identical items.

A lawyer for Cathedral Art didn’t return a call for comment.

John Auch, president of JT Enterprises, says he can’t comment on the case.

Cathedral Art claims JT Enterprises “has derived substantial revenue from the sale of the infringing works, which revenue it is not entitled to retain.”

In addition to recovering that money and legal fees, Cathedral Art wants the court to prohibit JT Enterprises from being able to continue selling those items in the future.