Daily Archives: May 20, 2010

You don’t say

“Riding your bike gives you a good excuse to be late. Well, at least here. I don’t know about other places.”

Kristen Klucas of Start-Thinking, which is helping to promote national Bike-to-Work Day on Friday

Cheap-O Depot to open in Delano

WICHITA — More people than not are looking for bargains these days, and Ron and Ellen Bailey think they have some to offer.

They’re opening Cheap-O Depot in 2,100 square feet at Maple and Meridian in Delano.

They’ll sell discontinued items, overstocks and store returns from places like Wal-Mart, Kmart and JC Penney.

“We go through a reclamation company,” Ron Bailey says.

That could result in a range of items as varied as tools, toys and bedding.

Ron Bailey used to be a dairy manager for Dillons. He says he wanted his own business because he’s “just tired of working for corporate America.”

Ellen Bailey used to have the Dig This garden boutique in Delano.

The Baileys plan to open Cheap-O Depot June 1.

Sports Time Fan Shop acquires Jocks and Jills merchandise and plans sale

WICHITA — It was about this time last year that sports memorabilia and apparel stores All Sports and Jocks and Jills announced plans to merge, but it never happened.

All Sports is still in business, but Garden Plain State Bank ended up seizing the Jocks and Jills merchandise.

“They’ve been sitting with this merchandise for a year,” says Sports Time Fan Shop owner Tad Snarenberger.

He’s acquired that merchandise, which he describes as an interesting mix of some odd and some fantastic items such as shirts, hoodies and jackets, among other things.

He plans to sell it all in a pre-Father’s Day sale at both his stores, which are at NewMarket Square at 21st and Maize and Cambridge Market at 21st and Webb.

Sports Time generally has a sidewalk sale before every Father’s Day anyway.

“This is a good vehicle for us to move this close-out stuff . . . and get it out of there,” Snarenberger says.

All Sports and Jocks and Jills had a planned a large new store on the east side, but the economy soured the deal, All Sports owner Randy Staub says.

“We really kind of felt like it was going to be risky from our side to try and make that happen,” Staub says. “We just felt like we had to back away.”

Snarenberger says Jocks and Jills had been a great competitor.

“I was sorry to see them go,” Snarenberger says. “But it’s a good opportunity for us, and it’s also going to be a good opportunity for customers because they are going to get stuff dirt cheap.”