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You don’t say

“My favorite one was they wanted me to finish this campaign so I could get back to actually working.”

WSU student and Jajo intern Ryan Schafer, who waged a political-type campaign to get a full-time job with the agency (which he’s landed) but not without considerable grief from coworkers

Addressing the question: What’s your answer?

We’re having a little debate here on the biz team.

A blog commenter earlier today asked me to please include the address of places like NewMarket Square, which I normally do but forgot to today.

There’s the argument, though, that some places — Towne East and Towne West Squares come to mind — that don’t need addresses.

Is NewMarket one of those places? Bradley Fair? I’d love to hear your reasoning one way or the other on those and other Wichita destinations.

For regular readers of my blog, I hate to bog down the copy with things like, “NewMarket Square, which is at 21st and Maize,” every time.

What do you think?

Cheer Fusion moving to the Andover Business Center at 13th and Andover

WICHITA — Cheer Fusion, which offers competitive cheerleading and tumbling training, is moving to Andover.

Kristin and Seth Mountain’s business has been at 8025 E. Douglas across from Towne East Square for more than five years.

“We’ve kind of grown out of the space,” Kristin Mountain says. “Really, we searched for buildings for the past year or so.”

New space was difficult to find because Cheer Fusion needs to be in a building with very high ceilings and lots of open floor space unencumbered by poles or anything else.

“It’s hard to find a building that fits those perfect,” Mountain says.

The new Andover Business Center at 13th and Andover offers just what Cheer Fusion needs, though.

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Massage Envy Spa coming to NewMarket Square

WICHITA — Amy Gilliland is bringing a business to NewMarket Square that she hopes will be the envy of the area.

She’s opening Massage Envy Spa, a national franchise, in the same building near 21st and Maize where Doc Green’s is.

The 2,680-square-foot store will open in late July.

“I like NewMarket Square because . . . it’s a power center,” Gilliland says.

She says there’s not a lot of competition in the area either.

Gilliland already has a Massage Envy in Lawrence, which she opened a couple of years ago.

“We’ve done really well in Lawrence,” she says.

She’ll hire a staff to run the Wichita spa.

“I could not have done that two years ago when I opened the current one, just because it was a new concept for me,”  Gilliland says.

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