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You don’t say

“That’s my retirement plan. It’s a lot easier than slinging ’cue.”

JohnJetmanThien of Jet Bar-B-Q, who has a former fire truck, which he’s dubbed Wichita’s Firehouse Trolley, that he’s now renting as a party bus

Chick-fil-A management responds

WICHITA — No one with Chick-fil-A could be reached for comment Monday regarding what’s likely to be the chain’s first freestanding restaurant in Wichita.

Today, though, Don Perry, vice president of corporate public relations for the Atlanta chain, elaborated a bit on the company’s plans.

“The good news is that our intent is to come,” Perry says.

He won’t confirm that there’s an almost-done deal at Central and Rock.

“It is among a couple, but . . . we try not to get ahead of the process (or) start talking about locations that are under negotiation because it gets all kinds of crazy,” Perry says. “Any day now we’re going to be able to give a confirmation.”

In normal years, the company adds about 75 new restaurant sites. That’s down to about 65 in the current economy.

“What happens (is) that doesn’t allow us to do a lot in a single market,” Perry says.

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All About Used owner clarifies remarks on the nature of his business

WICHITA — Paul Trout, owner of the new All About Used store that’s coming to West Central by Barney’s Deep Discount Pharmacy, wants to clarify his remarks about the nature of his business.

“How I said it was pretty much wrong,” he says of explaining how the store will be a combination sole proprietorship and nonprofit.

“We are a sole proprietorship,” Trout says.

He’s partnering with Sunrise Christian Academy on some items in the store, though.

Sunrise, which is a nonprofit, gets donations of items and gives donors tax receipts.

“They take what they need,” Trout says. “Everything else comes to us, and we resell (it), and a portion of that goes back to them.”

Noodles chain is scouting Wichita sites

WICHITA — Colorado-based Noodles is scouting Wichita for possible restaurant sites.

“We are absolutely looking at sites in Wichita,” says Jill Preston, director of public relations.

In “the state of Kansas in general, we’ve had a lot of growth,” she says.

Noodles recently opened in Lawrence, and the chain is doubling its presence in the Kansas City area.

“Wichita makes a lot of sense for us,” Preston says.

She says the chain looks for college and urban settings.

“We are, obviously, looking for communities that are growing,” Preston says.

The chain is, of course, known for its noodles.

“You can get anything from pad Thai to mac and cheese . . . to wonderful Mediterranean dishes,” Preston says. “There’s really nothing else quite like it in the city.”

There also are soups and salads.

“There’s a bit of something for everyone,” Preston says.

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