Metro Grill II to open on North Rock Road

gonzWICHITA — Metro Grill owner Michael Gonzalez is still opening a new restaurant, but not where he originally planned.

Gonzalez’s Metro Grill stand is at Towne East Square, which is where he also hoped to have a sit-down restaurant.

Instead, he’s going to open Metro Grill II at 366 N. Rock Road in a building that’s been home to Plant and Patio and Rugs to Riches in recent years.

“It’s going to be amazing,” Gonzalez says of the three-level space.

He plans to have the kitchen be a central part of the restaurant by putting it by the windows that face Rock Road and by leaving it visible for diners to see throughout the restaurant.

“When you’re sitting in the top level you can look down and see the entire kitchen operation,” Gonzalez says.

The focus will be on Cuban cuisine with pasta, sandwiches and salads, including the dishes he’s already serving at Towne East.

“It’s going to be very casual,” Gonzalez says. “We’re trying to create a fast food, gourmet concept.”

He says it will take him about three months to convert the space into a restaurant.

“We’re pushing for July,” Gonzalez says.

Metro Grill II will open by August at the latest.

Gonzalez won’t change anything at his original Metro Grill.

“This is my baby. This is where everything started.”