Brett Harris returns to B98-FM for three main reasons

WICHITA — There are three things that convinced Brett Harris to sign a new 3-year contract with B98-FM, where he returned on air this morning.

First, producer Kathy Deane got her job back, which Harris says was his No. 1 stipulation.

“The show was better — is better — with a producer,” says Tom Glade, Clear Channel Radio vice president and market manager.

Second, Harris wanted to report solely to Glade instead of what he refers to as “middle management.”

“Who the show reports to and doesn’t report to was real big to me,” Harris says. “And they restructured that for me, and that’s important because I want to live in an excellent, healthy, healthy atmosphere.”

Third was money.

“It was a very nice financial commitment to every team member,” Harris says. “For those guys to step up like that and make that kind of commitment, it was a blessing. It really was.”

Harris had been considering other opportunities, including what he calls an 11th-hour offer that further delayed him signing a contract with Clear Channel.

In the end, he says, he’s “really, really excited” to be back at B98.

“There’s just such a spirit of renewal,” Harris says.

Glade says “there’s going to be a freshening of the whole morning show, which is good.”

He says the “American Idol” tryout of potential new morning show partners for Tracy Cassidy (in case Harris didn’t sign a contract) was a success, and several of those personalities will likely have other Clear Channel offers.

“I’m getting some great credit for that,” Glade says. “It’s good for job security at this point.”

And he’s happy to have Harris back.

“I don’t fault Brett for trying to make sure,” Glade says of the contract decision.

Harris, who has been off B98 for a couple of months, says readjusting to a morning schedule won’t be hard.

“After 30 years of my body clock being locked into that, my eyes open at 4:15 every morning.”