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Michael’s store on Kellogg to close when NewMarket Square Michael’s opens

WICHITA — Not surprisingly, when the new Michael’s craft store opens at NewMarket Square next month, the existing one at 6610 W. Kellogg will close.

No one with the company will comment officially, but an employee at the west-side Michael’s says the Kellogg store will close in late February.

The new store is scheduled to have a grand opening Feb. 28, with a soft opening likely in the day or two before that.

When the current west-side Michael’s closes depends on how quickly the inventory sells. The last couple of days, most everything will be on clearance.

You don’t say

“You’re the sheriff, and you’ve got a gun . . . so you can do whatever you want.”

— Sedgwick County Manager Bill Buchanan’s response to Sheriff Robert Hinshaw when Hinshaw asked if the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council could stay in Buchanan’s conference room to meet as long as it needed Thursday morning

PGA golfer Woody Austin is a new partner at Willowbend Golf Club

WICHITA — Willowbend Golf Club owners Rod and Rick Nuckolls have a new partner: PGA Tour golfer Woody Austin.

“I will not be a silent investor who will not show up,” Austin says. “Part of the allure for me is I love to tinker. . . . I will be out on the golf course trying to fix a bunker or fix a green.

“It’s a big, long-term deal for me. It’s nothing on a short-term basis.”

The Nuckolls brothers say they couldn’t have a better partner than Austin.

“Everyone knows that Woody Austin is truly one of the best players in the world,” Rick Nuckolls says.

He says Austin’s presence will have an impact with members and the club.

“The capital influx will definitely help us run the operation,” Rod Nuckolls says. “There’s been a lot of things we wanted to do.”

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Mike Snyder discusses his departure as Associated’s CEO

UPDATE — Mike Snyder is out as CEO of Associated, the second-largest ad agency in Wichita.

Whether it was his decision to resign or if he was forced to leave is unclear.

“You know, those are internal workings that we just don’t discuss publicly,” Snyder says.

A statement from Associated says:

“Associated appreciates Mike’s innovative, steady leadership, especially during a period of challenges in the overall economy.”

Bill Fialka, who joined Associated in 2007 and is vice president of client service, will be the interim CEO.

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Dwyer’s Hallmark to close all its stores

WICHITA — When Scott Dwyer announced in November that Dwyer’s Hallmark at 420 S. Andover Road would close in February, he said his family’s other stores would remain open.

That’s changed, though.

The Dwyer’s Hallmark stores in Brittany Center, Derby and Emporia all will close this spring.

“We didn’t have a very good Christmas,” Dwyer says.

Nor were the last couple of Christmases before that.

“It’s just taken its toll.”

Part of the problem, Dwyer says, is there are so many places near his stores that also sell Hallmark cards, like Dillons and Walgreens stores.

“They’ve just saturated the marketplace,” Dwyer says of Hallmark. “I know they’re doing it to protect their market share . . . but it’s at the expense of us.”

Also, he says, “The market’s changed. It’s a lot of big-box stores now.”

And that’s where people seem to want to shop, Dwyer says.

“People like the convenience of buying everything in one place. They’re not going to drive clear to our store to buy a card.”

Dwyer looked at selling his stores, but he says, “They’re not profitable enough to really do that.”

He expects the stores will remain open until at least Mother’s Day in May.

“We still have quite a bit of inventory to sell.”

Livingston’s Cafe sells to Riverside Cafe owner Paul Cohlmia

WICHITA — Bob Livingston isn’t ready to retire, but he turned 65 years old today and is ready to slow down.

He and his wife, Jeanne, have sold their Livingston’s Cafe at 924 S. Woodlawn to Riverside Cafe owner Paul Cohlmia.

“We’re not quitting,” Livingston says. “But it’s time for me to start cutting back.”

He and his wife still will own Livingston’s Diner at 832 N. Webb and Jeanne’s Cafe in Lincoln Heights Village at Douglas and Oliver.

Livingston says he’s not interested in selling those restaurants.

“Not at this point.”

Cohlmia plans to rename Livingston’s Riverside Too.

“It’s going to be similar to this,” he says of his current restaurant.

He’ll offer the same menu as Riverside Cafe and will feature old pictures of Wichita on the walls.

The Livingstons’ last day in operation is March 7, and Cohlmia will open a few days later.

You don’t say

“The most distinguished paper boy ever.”

Jan Harrison of KFXJ, 104.5-FM, commenting on her colleague, the dapper Dan Dillon of KFDI, 101.3-FM, when he popped into her studio this morning to drop off her copy of The Eagle

Mike Snyder no longer Associated CEO

snyder.jpgWICHITA — Mike Snyder is out as CEO of Associated.

In response to calls from Have You Heard?, the advertising agency released a statement saying Snyder resigned.

“Associated appreciates Mike’s innovative, steady leadership, especially during a period of challenges in the overall economy,” the statement said.

Snyder, who joined the agency as a vice president in 2003 and became CEO in 2006, couldn’t be reached for comment.

Bill Fialka, who is Associated’s vice president of client service, will be the interim CEO. He joined Associated in 2007.

During Snyder’s tenure, Associated lost some large, longtime accounts.

In 2007, the agency lost Intrust Bank, which had been a client for 26 years.

“This is not anything we’re worried about,” Snyder said at the time.

“In my view, business is business. You’ve got your ups, and you’ve got your downs. . . . You go on and you make your own success.”

Last year, Preferred Health Systems ended its 13-year relationship with Associated.

“Nothing lasts forever but God, a mother’s love and the United States Marine Corps,” Snyder, a Marine, said then.” You know, you move on.”

Associated also landed some sizable accounts under Snyder’s direction, including Wesley Medical Center late last year.

Braum’s to close one site, open several more

WICHTIA — Braum’s is having an active month in Wichita.

The ice cream and grocery chain is closing one store, readying two other sites for future Braum’s stores and has purchased property for a store at least a year or two down the road.

First, the Braum’s on Central near West Street is closing after business Sunday.

“The store’s been there for quite a while,” says marketing director Terry Holden. “Twenty years roughly.”

He said the new Braum’s just west of 21st and Amidon is attracting some of the Central customers.

“Customers gravitate to the newer, better,” Holden says.

The chain hopes to eventually open a new store somewhere near the one that’s closing.

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You don’t say

“It wasn’t about, ‘I’m a movie star.’ It’s about I’m a part of this heritage and what it means to them to just be involved in aviation.”

Greteman Group’s Ashley Bowen Cook on attending the Living Legends of Aviation event (agency client Bombardier Learjet was the presenting sponsor) last week in California with actors and aviation buffs such as Kurt Russell, Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and John Travolta