European Car Co. to move; new business going in its East Second space

WICHITA — After being home to automobiles for decades, 1510 E. Second St. is going to house a new business in the new year.

“We’re not closing, we’re just changing,” says David Leivian, owner of European Car Co.

He’s moving his shop, though he’s not sure where to yet.

Leivian can’t say who is buying his 11,000-square-foot building, but the deal will close sometime in January or early February.

“We’re moving more off the beaten path,” he says of his business.

Leivian works on a lot of vintage cars, likes Rolls-Royces.

“We do quite a bit of stuff that’s different than just servicing regular cars.”

He first went to work in the building in 1975 for someone else who owned European Car Co., back when it was a BMW and Alfa Romeo dealership.

He wants to find another building of about the same size, but Leivian says, “We’re not going to be right on a main street (with) a showroom.”

He plans to expand into other areas as well, such as renting vintage cars for weddings and other events.

Also, Leivian plans to do more Internet business, including helping people find vintage cars.

“We’re very specialized.”