Bossa Grill Brazilian franchise to debut in Wichita

WICHITA — An international company with ties to a Brazilian restaurant group is bringing a new franchise concept to the United States and opening its first restaurant in Wichita this spring.

alberto“Wichita is a good lab,” says Alberto Moreira, who is bringing Bossa Grill to Northrock Retail Center at 3242 N. Rock Road.

Moreira points to Wichita as the successful home to franchises like Pizza Hut and White Castle.

“It’s a good test market for a restaurant.”

Moreira and Wichita business attorney Michael Biggs are partners in Bossa Group International with several Brazilians who are owners of TAC Comercio Alimenticio.

That company has 80 restaurants in Brazil, including the Bonaparte and Donatario concepts that are the inspiration for Bossa Grill.

“We’re taking what works in Brazil, and we’re adapting it for use . . . in American markets,” Biggs says.

Biggs has spent three decades handling restaurant and franchise deals. He’s also done international law.

“It was a perfect fit,” he says.

Moreira says Bossa Grill will be a fast-casual restaurant with a style similar to Pei Wei, where customers order at a counter and then are served at a table.

bossaHe says all meals, which include grill items like chicken or fish and side dishes, will be delivered within five to seven minutes.

Biggs says it might be more helpful to say what the restaurant isn’t.

It won’t be an Argentinean steak house, and it won’t have Mexican food.

“Brazilian food is really Southern European food with South American influences,” he says.

Entrees will be fairly light and in some cases quite healthy.

“It’s really different than any other restaurant than we’ve got here,” Biggs says.

“We think it’s timely. . . . Nationally, there’s an interest people have in ethnic food.”

Also, Biggs says, “Fast casual is really where we think the present and the future is in the restaurant industry.”

Moreira will run the first restaurant here and has plans for a couple more in Wichita, including one on the west side.

Leisa Lowry of J.P. Weigand & Sons represents Bossa Group.

Brady Miller of Occidental Management, which owns Northrock Retail Center, handled the lease for Occidental.

The first restaurant will seat about 90 and may have an outdoor patio as well.

Biggs says TAC’s concepts evolved out of airports and shopping centers.

“They’ve just developed a business model that’s very efficient.”

He says that will make the business appealing to potential franchisees.

Biggs says he already has franchisee prospects in Canada, the greater Dallas and Fort Worth area and Miami.

“Our store’s what you call a beta,” Biggs says of the Wichita Bossa Grill.

When the concept is fine-tuned and the administrative infrastructure is in place, Biggs says, “Then we’ll move right into franchising.”