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Autoplex closes and nearby Hancock Automotive expands

WICHITA — The Autoplex at Douglas and Hillside has closed, and general manager Dave McCall is now going to be sales manager at Hancock Automotive around the corner at 1st and Hillside.

“He and I have been doing business together for several years, and we’ve often talked about merging because it would benefit . . . our clients,” Howard Hancock says. “So we decided to get together and have him come on board over here.”

Hancock specializes in the service and some sales of VWs, Audis and Land Rovers. He handles other makes as well.

“We were just doing a little bit of sales before,” he says. McCall is “going to bring his expertise here.”

Hancock, who started his business in 1998, now has room for about 20 cars.

“I have an additional lot to the north of First Street that I’m trying to work with the city on.”

That would bring his total to 35 or 40.

McCall is joining Hancock immediately.

European Car Co. to move; new business going in its East Second space

WICHITA — After being home to automobiles for decades, 1510 E. Second St. is going to house a new business in the new year.

“We’re not closing, we’re just changing,” says David Leivian, owner of European Car Co.

He’s moving his shop, though he’s not sure where to yet.

Leivian can’t say who is buying his 11,000-square-foot building, but the deal will close sometime in January or early February.

“We’re moving more off the beaten path,” he says of his business.

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Parking is a new business along Commerce Street

WICHITA — When Pat Peppard announced she was closing her Loft at 420 in 2006, she thought she had a buyer for her 7,800-square-foot building at 420 S. Commerce.

The deal fell through. And though Peppard would still like to sell or lease the space, she doesn’t mind having the accompanying 44-space parking lot, which is along Commerce, Waterman and St. Francis.

Peppard is opening Front Row Parking across from Entrance B to Intrust Bank Arena.

“Of course, I named it Front Row because it’s right across from the arena,” she says. “I think that’s a catchy little name.”

If the building sells, Peppard isn’t sure if she’ll sell the lot, too, but she’s open to it.

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You don’t say

“My clean living isn’t paying off.”

Clear Channel Radio’s Tom Glade, who is waiting on a part before the antenna can be fully fixed to get B98-FM and KZSN, 102.1-FM back on the air (which he now expects will be Thursday)

Twitter trademark could eventually belong to a Wichitan

WICHITA — Earlier this year, TeeShirtMan owner Gary Butler didn’t know what Twitter was.

Now, he’s working on acquiring a trademark for the name.

“We had a lady come in that wanted to buy a Twitter shirt,” Butler says.

“What is Twitter?” he asked his daughter.

They looked at the microblogging site and checked into making Twitter T-shirts.

“The people who own it, believe it or not, forgot to register it with the United States patent office,” Butler says.

No one with Twitter, which is based in San Francisco, returned e-mail requests for comment, though a representative did provide a link to Twitter’s trademark policy.

Its guidelines state that no one should use the Twitter name without permission.

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Whole Foods to leave Twin Lakes, likely relocate nearby

WICHITA — The Whole Foods at Twin Lakes is going to be closing and most likely moving nearby.

Leah Gossett, manager of the east-side Whole Foods, says negotiations are under way for the Twin Lakes store to move to just west of 21st and Amidon near the Medicine Shoppe.

Whole Foods’ lease is up at the end of January, though it could remain there a bit longer.

Nothing is finalized yet on the closing or the move.

B98-FM and KZSN, 102.1-FM, still off the air

WICHITA – B98-FM and KZSN, 102.1-FM are still off the air — fog and ice at 1,000 feet are making antenna repairs challenging — but the stations should be back on around lunch time.

House of Schwan turns 50 and celebrates with a new logo

schwan3WICHITA — For its 50th anniversary in 2010, House of Schwan is getting a new logo.

“We thought the timing was really appropriate to celebrate our 50th with a new, fresh look,” says Pam Irish, special events director.

The new look makes a lot more sense for what the company is today, she says.

“Our current logo emphasizes the fact that we sell beer, and we’re much more than that these days.”

When Barney Schwan started the company in 1960, he sold Budweiser, Michelob and Busch Bavarian.

Now, House of Schwan — led by Schwan’s son, Barry — sells more than 600 varieties of beverages.

Irish says Anheuser-Busch products “certainly are our bread and butter and probably will be forever.”

They still comprise 93 percent of House of Schwan’s business.

But now, in addition to a variety of beer, the company sells juice, milk, tea, energy drinks and cocktail mixers.

The new logo, which Howerton and White designed, features a variety of differently shaped bottles.

scwanThe old logo featured one frosty beer mug.

“We’ve changed so much, obviously, in 50 years,” Irish says. “We hope our new logo reflects that.”

You don’t say

“My wife always says I live in a cartoon world so this is perfect.”

Jesse Huxman of KPTS, which celebrates its 40th anniversary on Jan. 5, on how he’ll be partying with Big Bird, Curious George and Clifford

Rose Pelton takes possession of Cessna’s first SkyCatcher

roseWICHITA — She didn’t take off or land — “It being my first lesson and all” — but Rose Pelton took possession of her new SkyCatcher Dec. 18.

The wife of Cessna Aircraft CEO Jack Pelton says she’s honored to be the owner of the first SkyCatcher off the line.

“She’s flying great,” Rose Pelton says of the plane.

Yingling (Aviation) did a very nice job of making it a very special day for me,” she says. When Pelton first saw the plane, “It had this huge bow on it.”

She calls herself an “absolutely” satisfied customer.

Her husband has a bit of a complaint, though.

“My life is now being scheduled around her flight training,” he wrote on her Facebook page.

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