Material Comforts Home Studio to close

WICHITA — They say marriage is about compromise. It looks like that’s why Jan Hoffmann is closing her Material Comforts Home Studio in Comotara Center at 29th and Rock.

For several years, the former Wichitan and her husband — he’s retired and she’s mostly retired — have been living in South Dakota and North Carolina.

“We’re footloose and fancy free, and he wants to be even more footloose and fancy free,” Hoffmann says. “He’s been after me for a year and a half.”

Last week, she made the decision to close her shop, which originated as Decorator Fabric Warehouse in Delano.

Hoffmann says inventory is 40 percent off, but she’s taking her time closing the shop, which sells furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories.

“We’re just winding down,” Hoffmann says. She says there are several clients with very large homes that the store is in the midst of helping.

“We’re not going to leave them high and dry.”

Hoffmann is open to selling her store or subleasing its space. She has more than a year left on her lease, and if she has to leave the store empty, she will.

“We just reached a decision last week, and once I reach a decision I don’t look back. I just go forward.”

That doesn’t mean she won’t one day return to Wichita and open another shop.

“Who knows what I might come back and do some day.”

Just don’t tell her husband.