Olive Tree Bistro and Chelsea’s Bar and Grill will be gone by the end of the month

WICHITA — The Olive Tree Bistro and Chelsea’s Bar and Grill will be gone from 29th and Rock by the end of November.

Latour Management is being evicted from the space, where it’s been since Antoine Toubia, the late founder of the company, moved there in 1987.

Latour is being evicted for what the landlord says is nonpayment of rent.

Latour president Joumana Toubia, Antoine’s sister, says she stopped paying because of maintenance issues.

Toubia is throwing a party for customers from 4 to 7 p.m. Tuesday.

“We’re inviting our patrons to come and celebrate our legacy,” she says.

For the Christmas season, Toubia is moving her operations to Piccadilly Market & Grill at Central and Rock (where she may or may not renew her lease in the new year).

Since she can’t hold sizable parties there, she’s also using other spaces around Wichita like the Broadview Hotel and the Hotel at Old Town’s banquet facility.

Then, she’ll consider what’s next.

“Of course, I hope to reopen in one fashion or another,” Toubia says. “I don’t want to rush into anything.”

She says there are all kinds of opportunities for new ventures now.

“It would be wrong not to consider all of them.”

Still, Toubia is sad to leave what’s been her company’s home for so long.

“It’s hard.”