Green Acres is expanding its deli

WICHITA — When Green Acres opened in Bradley Fair almost 16 years ago, it had a 4,000-square-foot deli.

Four years ago, it expanded to 10,000 square feet.

Now, it’s expanding again.

“Business is really good right now,” says Barbara Hoffmann, who owns the store with her husband, John. “We’re really having a huge demand for a lot of different things.”

One of those things is gluten-free products, like cookies, cakes and pizzas.

“There’s another demand, and that’s sugar-free —amazingly so,” Hoffmann says.

She offers food, such as what she calls a decadent sweet roll, that’s sweetened mostly with agave instead of sugar.

Hoffmann says a good portion of the deli’s space was behind a wall, which she’s now removed to start utilizing space in the back.

“We’re increasing our capacity 50 percent within the same space, but it’s now all workable space,” she says.

Hoffmann is making other changes due to customer demand.

“We’re really seeing where people are starting to care a little more about where their food comes from,” she says. “We just really over-label everything anymore.”

And, in a few weeks, Hoffmann will begin offering meals to go, including organic and free-range meats and wild salmon. The food will be packaged in microwavable containers.

“They can just pick it up and take it home and heat and serve.”