Bill Cosby, Don King just two of Phil Ruffin’s new celebrity pals

WICHITA — Donald Trump is hardly Phil Ruffin’s only celebrity friend.

billcosbyHe’s now struck a deal with Bill Cosby to do shows at his Treasure Island in Las Vegas, and he’s enjoying getting to know the comedian.

“He says, ‘Ruffin, I’m taking over,’ ” Ruffin says of Cosby’s recent visit to his office.

“I brought you lunch,” Cosby said of a chili hamburger he brought.

“While he gave me the unhealthy hamburger, he himself had this asparagus and broccoli salad,” Ruffin says.

And he shared.

“Now, Ruffin,” Cosby said, “you’ve got to have part of this broccoli salad so if your wife asks you what you had for lunch, you can honestly tell her.”

Ruffin says, “He’s a very funny guy. A very intelligent man. So we’re happy to have him on board.”

And, he says, “His show is not a single cuss word. You can take your grandmother.”

Ruffin has been best buds with Trump for years, but he still enjoys meeting other celebrities.

“It’s very interesting,” he says. “These people are very genuine people. We’ve found everybody to be very courteous and humble.”

That includes Don King, with whom Ruffin is throwing a championship boxing match in October.

donkingKing “could do stand-up comedy,” Ruffin says. “The meeting yesterday he had everybody laughing so hard they could hardly discuss business.”

And even if he’s not cracking a joke, Ruffin says King is always getting attention.

“You can hear him all over the hallways.”