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Tweet of the week

“I recently GAVE a car to a young man that didn’t have the money or credit to buy one. He came in today to complain about it. Thank You.”

— A Sept. 16 tweet on Twitter from Scott Pitman (@scottpitman), the “chief evangelist and operating partner” of Suzuki of Wichita, who says in the last 20 years some of the biggest complaints he’s received have come from people he’s given free cars

Wichita has at least three smoke-free apartment buildings

WICHITA — It turns out 250 Douglas Place isn’t the first Wichita apartment to go smoke free, including tenants’ rooms.

At least two more are already entirely smoke free.

Last year, the Quarters at Cambridge announced it was the first to become smoke free.

The Quarters’ Charlotte Hanley-Jacobson says she did research and couldn’t find another Wichita complex that had a similar policy.

But Highland House Apartments, a 12-story apartment at 13th and Woodlawn, has been smoke free for more than two decades.

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Stone Creek Nursery to open in Andover

WICHITA — Stone Creek Nursery is opening its fourth location in the greater Wichita area, this time in Andover.

Co-owner Andy Rizza says he’s “always done the smaller markets that are kind of being underserved.”

“That’s worked pretty good for us,” he says. “We don’t have tons of competition that way.”

In addition to locations in Hesston, McPherson and El Dorado, as of Saturday Stone Creek also will be at 307 W. U.S. 54.

That’s where the Walnut Valley garden center used to be.

PrairieLand Partners, a John Deere distributor, is on the property now and will remain there.

PrairieLand previously used the garden center space to sell plants but decided to turn it over to Stone Creek and focus on its existing business instead.

Stone Creek sells annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs.

“We’re also one of the largest Ferti-lome dealers in the country, which is hard to believe considering how small our markets are,” Rizza says.

He says a lot of customers drive from Wichita for his products.

“We’re hoping that this move will make us closer and more convenient.”

Butter Bean Boutique to open at the Waterfront

WICHITA — Michelle Campbell planned to open a new children’s boutique in Topeka, but then her husband landed a job with Don Hattan Chevrolet.

Marshall Campbell is the new general sales manager for the dealership.

So Michelle Campbell now plans to open her Butter Bean Boutique in Wichita at the Waterfront at 13th and Webb.

It will be in not quite 1,500 square feet between Specs and Gentry Ltd.

“The Waterfront people in general have been super, super nice and helpful,” Campbell says.

She likes that the location is close to her house and has so many restaurants.

Her shop, which she plans to open in late October or early November, will sell children’s clothing up to tween sizes.

She’ll also offer “just some little things for moms — any lady really,” such as what she calls “funky chunky” necklaces.

Butter Bean also will sell “tons of toys,” Campbell says.

“I’m hoping to get that Christmas traffic.”