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Labor pains


A couple of minutes ago, I made my 401st entry since I started doing this blog March 27.

I think that’s a lot, so I’m giving myself a break and starting my Labor Day festivities tomorrow. Well, assuming my flight to LA isn’t canceled (I hear some are due to smoke from the wildfires).

When I was looking back in the archives to find out what date the blog debuted, I ran across my explanation of what Have You Heard? is all about.

I’ve been getting some criticism, albeit from what seems like only a handful of people, about what I choose to report on the blog. I would invite you to read my explanation to have a better understanding of my intent.

I’m trying to break news and have a little fun while doing it. Hopefully that translates to news and fun for you, too.

See you next week.

Fabulous Salon and Gifts to open at WaterWalk Place

WICHITA — It’s been a long time coming, but WaterWalk Place is getting a new tenant.

Hair stylist Tami Dugan is opening Fabulous Salon and Gifts in 1,100 square feet at the north end of the building.

“This is a great opportunity,” Dugan says.

She’s been at Epic Hair Styling and Barber in the Epic Center for more than 20 years.

“I’m just venturing out on my own now,” Dugan says.

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Don Hall speaks out on KZSN firing

WICHITA — Don Hall was out of town last week when Have You Heard? reported that KZSN, 102.1-FM, replaced him on its morning show with former Oklahoma City disc jockey Anthony “The Antman” Allen.

Now, he’s ready to talk. (And he says you can reach him via e-mail at donhallwichita@yahoo.com.)

So why does he think he was let go?

“Maybe to pay Brett’s salary,” he says in reference to another Clear Channel Radio morning man, B98 FM’s Brett Harris, whose contract is up for renewal.

Hall isn’t sure what he’s going to do next, but he knows what he’s not going to do.

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YB Meats GM explains Normandie closing

WICHITA — As we reported Monday, YB Meats at Normandie Center closed after business Saturday.

Now, general manager Mike Wedman explains why.

“Things were going well, then all of a sudden, we took just kind of a downturn,” he says.

“We couldn’t really place a finger on one particular thing,” Wedman says. He does think overall, the store is a “victim of the economy, possibly.”

“It’s kind of the way it is all over town,” Wedman says.

The west-side YB Meats has seen a decrease in business, too, though not as much.

At Normandie, Wedman says, “It just got to the point where it didn’t make sense anymore to keep struggling through.”

Instead, he says, it made more sense to “regroup and focus all of our efforts to . . . keep being successful on the west side.”

Pho Hot Bistro owner to expand west, south

WICHITA — His newest restaurant is less than two weeks old, but Danny Nguyen is already at work on his next two concepts.

Nguyen opened Pho Hot Bistro in the former Amarillo Grill space at 306 N. Rock Road on Aug. 21.

It’s a more upscale version of his Pho Hot near Pawnee and the Canal Route.

Now, he’s looking to do a west-side Pho Hot Bistro by the Lowe’s near 29th and Maize.

Nguyen doesn’t have a deal yet but hopes to soon.

He’s also working on an express location for Derby near the Target in the Derby Marketplace at 71st South and Rock Road.

“It’s kind of like Chipotle style,” Nguyen says of his concept.

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