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City still has issues with Rowdy Beaver’s liquor license

WICHITA — Rod Minner Sr. may not think the city has any issues with the Rowdy Beaver’s liquor license, but that’s not what the city says.

“There’s a lot of issues here that we’ve got to work through,” says Tom Stolz, deputy chief of investigations for the Wichita Police Department.

“We have issues of hidden ownership. We have issues of changing . . . stories,” he says. “His license application here is in standby.”

Chef H to cater to a business clientele

chefhWICHITA — Harry Pape spent his entire career in executive management, and now he’s going to relax by catering to other executives.

Pape recently retired from Midwest Single Source (and was vice president of Newman University operations before that).

He’s now turning his love of cooking, which he’s been doing for fund-raising events for years, into a business called Chef H.

Pape says he’ll offer more than traditional catering. He plans to have what he calls in-home “dining events” for a business clientele.

“Because I’ve been in the business world, I understand the needs of the business people,” he says.

Pape says he understands things like the need for privacy, such as when a company is recruiting someone.

Pape will bring dishes and glasses, create the food and pair wines to go with it.

“I really take all the guess work out,” he says.

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Pistotnik Law Offices sues former employee for fraud

WICHITA — Pistotnik Law Offices routinely files lawsuits, but this month it filed one on behalf of the firm.

The office has filed a civil suit in Sedgwick County District Court against former employee Vicki Olivarez and her husband, Severo Olivarez IV.

The suit alleges fraudulent and negligent acts by the two.

Vicki Olivarez was a bookkeeper for the firm from July 2002 to Sept. 4.

The suit claims that she forged checks — made out to both Olivarezes and for cash — from an unnamed trust account.

The lawsuit alleges that the forging began in July 2005 and continued until Vicki Olivarez’s last day of employment.

Pistotnik’s attorney, Dustin DeVaughn, declined to comment on the case.

Neither of the Olivarezes could be reached for comment.

Vicki Olivarez’s attorney, Roger Sherwood, didn’t return a call for comment.

Also named in the suit: Pro Siding, of which Severo Olivarez is a shareholder and officer; Buess CPA, Pistotnik’s accountant; and Emprise Bank, which cashed the checks.

You don’t say

“The only thing more overrated than natural childbirth is owning your own business.”

— A sign that business owner and mother Julie Bolin has at her Truck Stuff office

Rowdy Beaver shuts down, possibly for good

WICHITA — The Rowdy Beaver is closed, and it may not reopen.

“We have waited for a response on the liquor license,” says managing partner Rod Minner Sr.

“They are dragging their feet,” Minner says of state officials. “We can’t afford to run a day-to-day operation and lose money.”

Minner says it’s been more than a month since the Rowdy Beaver’s renewal application was submitted to the state.

Initially, Minner’s son, Rodney, said the restaurant and bar’s attorney didn’t file in time.

Then, a representative of the Wichita Police Department said there was a possible issue with something called hidden ownership, where the person whose name is on the liquor license is not the one operating the restaurant.

“We’ve been told . . . by the city of Wichita there’s absolutely nothing wrong,” the senior Minner says.

He says he’s heard “absolutely nothing” from the state, even after a message was left to say the business was at a critical point.

Minner says he has an attorney involved.

“Right now, we’re just waiting to see where it ends up.”

Pauly’s Productions opens in Delano

delano2WICHITA — Today is the first day of business for Pauly’s Productions, a new studio at 827 W. Maple in Delano.

Paul Jacobs started the business to offer studio time and lessons.

Joshua Wiley is the full-time instructor for guitar and bass.

Jacobs is looking to bring on a piano teacher next.

The business will be open seven days a week. Jacobs thinks he’d like to offer studio time on the weekends and lessons during the week.

The studio has a vocal booth and a drum room.

“It is all state-of-the-art,” Jacobs says. “I record everything in high definition. We have both digital and analog equipment.”

Wiley says lessons will be in “everything from classical to metal to music theory — everything.”

Instruments can be provided for the studio time and lessons.

“We understand the economy is kind of in the dumps right now,” Wiley says.

He has a degree in special education and would like to offer some kind of musical opportunity to special-needs children.

“I’ve got the patience for it, but I’m not sure how to go about it,” Wiley says.

He’d like to hear from parents about what they might like.

“The main thing we try to do is to have a good time while being productive,” Jacobs says.

Online store Chapter 34 to sell designer goods

tonya2WICHITA — Tonya Harge says she’s giddy about opening an online business next month, though it has its roots in something sad.

Harge previously worked in senior and child care, but then she lost her grandmother and mother in a short period of time.

“You really can’t care for others if you don’t take care of yourself first,” Harge says.

So she took time off and traveled abroad.

Her travels gave Harge the idea for Chapter 34, an online boutique for designer products.

“It’s the new chapter in my life,” Harge says. “I’m creating a one-stop shop for designer goods.”

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You don’t say

“Batten down the hatches and get rid of your Chiefs tickets — although maybe that’s not really a sacrifice.”

— Mechanical contractor Don Vaughn II on what it’ll take to make it through the current drought in construction

Restaurant still in the works for former Red Mesa Grill space

WICHITA — Syed Jillani still has plans to open a restaurant in the former Red Mesa Grill space at 756 N. Tyler, but the financial picture has changed — for him and perhaps his customers.

Jillani hoped to open Grilled Cheez in the space, which is where he’s operating his Wichita Private Chef’s Catering.

He’s now rethinking the restaurant’s concept and planning something that might be more economically appealing to diners in a tough economy.

Also, Jillani is about $14,000 behind on taxes — he’s not sure of the amount — and has requested a payment plan from the state.

Still, he hopes to open the restaurant by the end of the year.

“I just pray for that,” Jillani says.

He may not use the Grilled Cheez name depending on the concept.

Nor is he certain if the food will be American or European.

Whatever it is, he says, it will be “something unique.”

Papa John’s near 21st and Amidon closes; New location could serve Valley Center and Park City

pizzaWICHITA — The Papa John’s near 21st and Amidon has closed, but almost everyone in that delivery area will be served by two existing stores until a new one opens.

“We’re trying to find another location,” says Terry Newman, who is partners in the business with Frank Carney.

This Papa John’s was open almost 10 years, but Newman says the rent was rising too much to continue to stay.

He says this could be an opportunity to move farther north and begin serving Valley Center and Park City.

“We’ve been looking all around,” Newman says.

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