Brett Harris ponders whether to remain at B98, where he’s been for 21 years

question 0907 pic1.jpgWICHITA — After what he says has been five months of waiting, Brett Harris has been offered a new three-year contract at B98 FM.

“For five months, I didn’t have any contract talk at all,” Harris says.

That’s led him to look at what he calls “a menu of other options if Clear Channel wasn’t interested in me.”

Harris says he had to consider alternatives to protect his family, which includes two young girls.

“If you don’t get an offer in five months, you naturally are going to look at your options for your daughters.”

One of those options, which is still on the table, is for Harris and a group of investors to buy Journal Broadcast Group’s classic country station KFTI, 92.3-FM.

Harris confirms that’s one of his options, but he won’t discuss his other options. Nor will he say who his potential partners are or whether he would move his morning show to KFTI.

“I haven’t really thought about it . . . quite yet to be honest with you,” he says.

A Clear Channel vice president for programming in San Antonio came to Wichita this week to meet with Harris.

“I’m thrilled,” Harris says. “I’ll be honest, it’s a wonderful contract.”

His No. 1 choice is stay where he is, Harris says.

“I am blessed to have the opportunity to extend my . . . 21-year career with Clear Channel,” he says.

That doesn’t mean he will, though.

Harris says he and his legal team still need to study the fine print.

Tracy Cassidy, who is Harris’ morning show partner, is still under contract.

Clear Channel vice president and market manager Tom Glade says the company specifically times contracts for Cassidy and Harris not to expire simultaneously.

Harris says he doesn’t know why Clear Channel waited so long to give him a new contract.

“It’s been kind of an interesting industry in the past year,” he says.

“I quite frankly didn’t think I was going to get a contract.”

Glade says he’s had an agreement with Harris the entire time.

“We have an understanding because I have a two-year document that states a relationship with Brett,” Glade says. “Brett’s best place in the city is to be with us.”