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Is a movie in the works on George Tiller?

WICHITA — There are indications that a movie on the life and death of George Tiller is under consideration.

The abortion provider was shot to death as he was ushering at Reformation Lutheran Church on May 31st.

There’s been at least one request about the acquisition of movie and television rights to stories on Tiller and his death by at least one national publication.

There are no details yet on a possible production— and it doesn’t sound like many Wichitans have been contacted yet — but we’ll keep you posted. radio station debuts

WICHITA — SMS Media Partners has debuted its second online radio station and is on its way to launching at least one or two more.

“We are targeting all the people who are office workers that are sitting in front of their computer all day,” says Matt Johnston, who is partners in the company with Steve Mills.

The two started in late May.

This week, they launched, a light urban format.

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Tweet of the week

Wayne Bryan, artistic director of MTW: ‘I do not Twitter, but I frequently sneeze.’ I love that guy!”

— A July 26 tweet from Matthew Heck (@matthewheck) on the producing artistic director of Music Theatre of Wichita

Looking Glass dome finds new home at Domestic Laundry building

domeThe glass dome from the former Looking Glass restaurant is now hanging in the Domestic Laundry building at 1425 E. Douglas, which also is home to the Greteman Group and Primerica Financial Services.

Building owner Rich Vliet, who used to have the popular downtown restaurant, had to remove the glass from its former space at 412 E. Douglas to repair a ceiling.

He thought about donating it to Botanica, but he says there’s no place for it.

Vliet likes where it’s hanging now and invites people to pop in for a look.

“Hopefully, it will make an attractive entryway.”

Eaton Steakhouse to have Aug. 6 hearing on eviction

There was a petition on the Sedgwick County District Court docket Wednesday to evict the Eaton Steakhouse from Eaton Place, but nothing has been resolved yet.

Restaurant owners Steve and Stephanie Compton have requested a hearing.

“They’re entitled to their hearing,” says Mike Roach, the attorney for MDI Partnership #72, which owns Eaton Place.

Trial is set for Aug. 6 at 9 a.m.

MDI filed a petition for eviction and a lawsuit last week to recover more than $50,000 in back rent from the Comptons.

“The Eaton Place has no choice in what they’re doing, that’s clear,” Roach says.

“The amount that’s past due in rent is too large,” he says.

The Comptons aren’t commenting.

Roach says the situation is “long past resolution” for the Comptons to negotiate to stay.

If the judge rules in Eaton Place’s favor, the Comptons will be immediately evicted.

“Essentially,” Roach says, “they’ll be out, and we’ll be in.”

No news — or graffiti — at Marina Lakes

WICHITA — People are starting to wonder if something is getting ready to happen at Marina Lakes.

That’s the struggling shopping center on the southwest corner of 21st and Amidon.

For a while, there was a patchwork of funny colors, like bright fuschia, covering graffiti. The center is a frequent target of vandalism.

But now, there’s a subdued, evenly applied light coffee color on the building.

The property hasn’t sold, though, and the owners aren’t getting ready to do anything new.

The paint job is merely courtesy of the city, which tries to clean up graffiti within seven to 10 days after being notified that it’s there.

Planning commission agenda: Sign of the times

I just got a copy of the agenda for the Aug. 6 planning commission meeting. Usually there are several good leads on it to follow about commercial properties.

But this week? There’s one item! And it doesn’t look all that interesting.

Summer is a traditionally slower time, but … wow.

Complete Nutrition to open at Towne East Square

WICHITA — A new supplement store is opening at Towne East Square.

Complete Nutrition will be in about 1,500 square feet on the lower level near Dillard’s.

“It’s kind of a newer franchise,” says owner Austin Schweitzer.

He says several people who used to be involved with GNC started the chain.

Schweitzer says the store sells supplements to help with muscle building, weight loss and general health.

With sometimes extreme Kansas weather, Schweitzer says he preferred to open in a mall rather than a strip center.

“It seems like most people would rather shop in the mall,” he says.

Complete Nutrition opens Oct. 1.

You don’t say

“So many bars, in fact, that (Carry) Nation must be rolling in her grave.”

– From a New York Post story on Kansas this week, which mentions what a “surprisingly ‘happening’ ” place Wichita is with lots of bars

Wichita now has its own House Band — for musical equipment, that is

WICHITA — You might call Brock Jabara the leader of a band, but it’s not one you’ll hear around Wichita.

Jabara, who has been in the audio and music industry for three decades, has a new company called House Band.

“It’s a large endeavor,” he says.

And an involved one.

Jabara manufactures musical equipment and will sell it through

“It’s still clunky,” he says of the site, which is still in the works.

Customers can order equipment directly from the site, but ideally Jabara wants them to use it to connect with dealers in their areas.

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