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Chatting with Peter Greenberg


Travel guru Peter Greenberg took a break from business in Omaha this afternoon to talk about why Wichita topped his and Newsmax Magazine’s ranking of the most uniquely American cities and towns.

“It’s a manageable city,” Greenberg says. “It’s not overbearing. And let’s not forget cost of living.”

And to all those Wichitans who decry the city as too boring?

“You know what? I’ve never been bored in Wichita,” Greenberg says.

And he’s been coming here for 35 years.

His visits almost always include a stop at Scotch & Sirloin.

“I love that place,” Greenberg says. “I really do.”

But he’s going to have to expand his dining options since he’s trying to shrink his middle.

“Thirteen weeks ago, I swore off all red meat,” Greenberg says.

So far he’s lost 26 pounds.

You don’t say

“@KAKEnews, you take competition very seriously.”

KWCH, Channel 12, reporter Rebecca Gannon’s response to competitor KAKE, Channel 10, after the station blocked her from following its news updates on Twitter

Clear Channel Radio has more layoffs


Clear Channel Radio has completed a round of layoffs that the company began in January. Tom Glade, vice president and market manager in Wichita, says he can’t say how many layoffs there were.

“It’s a small number for us,” he says.

“Like all media companies, Clear Channel Radio has to adjust to its business and to the realities of the current economic and advertising market,” Glade says.

One of the more public personalities laid off today was Kathy Deane, who has been producing the top-rated “Brett and Tracy Morning Show” on B-98 for more than two years.

“We were, like, knocking it out of the park,” Deane says. “That’s what I really don’t get.”

Morning host Brett Harris, who hired Deane, agrees. He’s put a call into corporate to see if he can pay Deane out of his own pocket to produce the show off site.

“When it happens to someone who’s part of your inner circle of success . . . who you brought into the industry, you feel some accountability,” Harris says.

Deane, who says she was in shock this morning after being escorted to her car, didn’t even hear Harris make the offer.

“Wow,” she says. “That’s showing me some love, isn’t it?”

We’ll let you know what corporate says.

CBIZ to move to Garvey Center

CBIZ MHM is moving to the Page Court Building at the Garvey Center downtown.

“Our firm’s growing,” says president Dick Dameron.

The accounting firm has more than 20 employees and has plans for a couple more to join this summer and another one in January.

CBIZ, which has been at 820 N. Main St. since the early 1980s, is taking 8,000 square feet on the third floor that Cessna Aircraft will vacate May 1.

Larry Weber, vice president of Builders Inc., which owns the Garvey Center, says Cessna no longer needs the space.

Weber handled the CBIZ deal, which is a five-year lease, for the Garvey Center. Patrick Ahern of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group represented CBIZ.

Following renovation to the space, CBIZ will move into the Page Court Building, probably this summer.

Dameron says there was no question CBIZ would stay downtown.

“We’re dedicated to downtown.”

Golly, gee, Wichita is No. 1 again


Aw, shucks. Wichita is at the top of another list. This time, the city has been named No. 1 for the best American values.

That’s according to Florida-based Newsmax Magazine and the “Today” show’s travel editor, Peter Greenberg.

Last fall, Greenberg rather infamously said Wichita may be the Air Capital of the World but our “air service sucks.” He obviously likes a lot of other things about the city, though.

According to Newsmax, Wichita ranks particularly high for family friendliness and culture. Wholesomeness, devotion to religion and community activities are also high on the list. Hospitality and business friendliness come in next. Education and scenic beauty were our lowest-scoring points, but everything added up to No. 1 overall.

“This is one of America’s most livable cities, with a historic downtown that helps bring the community together,” the magazine says. “The city’s affordability, thriving industry, and accessible culture are the bonus elements that make it stand out from the crowd.”

Kansas City, Mo., is No. 18. At No. 19, Edmond, Okla., was the only other Midwest city to make the list.