Daily Archives: April 27, 2009

Architectural Artifacts to move


Architectural Artifacts successfully weathered the construction along East Central, but it’s moving anyway.

“It was tough, but my customers were loyal, and I appreciate that,” says owner Amy Herd.

Sometime in May — she’s not sure of the date yet — Herd is moving her store from 5424 E. Central to the former Bleu space at Lincoln Heights Village at Douglas and Oliver.

“It’s still in my neighborhood,” Herd says. “I’m a College Hill resident and am loyal to Lincoln Heights.”

Herd says the parking is better at Lincoln Heights, and she’ll have more space, too.

She currently has 850 square feet. The new space is 1,050 square feet and also has a basement twice that size.

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You don’t say

“How can this be? How will I survive? Is it true?”
— Lawrence resident Brad Serafine, who is joining Foulston Siefkin this summer and wants to know if it’s true that Wichita doesn’t have a Costco (it, of course, is true)

On the job fun

I don’t know if this video is for real or not — I’m guessing that it is since Southwest Airlines employees are known for having fun — but it’s a hoot regardless. If only everyone tried to have this much fun on the job. (Be sure and watch all the way to the end!)

BK Tennis Academy to go to 21st and 119th


The new BK Tennis Academy is going to be at the northeast corner of 21st and 119th.

Brothers Kenny and Brent Fields looked at moving their academy from near Kellogg and Tyler to the Maize area.

“But we started thinking, well, those kids get bused in there,” Kenny Fields says of Maize. He figures that means the kids don’t live there. But at 21st and 119th, he says, “We started noticing how the buses go right by that area.” Meaning more kids live near that area.

Also, the site they considered in Maize would have taken longer to get started building than the other one.

“We’re on a time a crunch to be in by winter of this year,” Kenny Fields says.

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Dollar General to remain at 21st and Amidon


An alert reader wonders if the new Dollar General store coming to 2990 W. 13th St. in Indian Hills means the one near 21st and Amidon is closing.

Good question.

“There are no plans to close that store,” says Emily Weiss, a spokeswoman for the Tennessee-based company.

There are 14 Dollar Generals in Wichita. The new store will probably be open by the end of summer.

Welcome back to wet and wild Wichita


After driving seven hours home from vacation Sunday, I counted myself lucky to literally just make it into my house before the downpour hit. Then I made it through Round 1 of the tornado sirens and headed to Dillons at 13th and West to stock up on necessities and ingredients for a tasty pad Thai dish I planned for dinner.

I was 20 items into my 22-item list when Round 2 of the sirens sounded. An employee came on the loudspeaker to inform shoppers we could either take cover in the meat cooler or leave the store. Neither option was appealing, so I continued shopping until a slightly wild-eyed employee I recognized from the meat counter made it clear I had to choose. So into the 36-degree cooler I went.

The employees were all nice and offered the 30 or 40 shoppers gathered there some of those white jackets the employees wear behind the meat counter. Fortunately, the jackets were clean. The floor, however, was a slippery mess and seemed to offer a much better chance for calamity than any far-off tornado.

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