Daily Archives: April 15, 2009

You don’t say

“They’ve got their widgets, but mine is tasty.”
Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates owner Beth Tully’s comment about her Small Business Awards competitors, who all spoke at today’s Sunrise Scrambler about how hard it is to compete with “the chocolate lady”

Dollar General coming to Indian Hills


The Indian Hills area is getting a new Dollar General store.

“It is a stand-alone store,” says Emily Weiss, a spokeswoman for the Tennessee-based company.

The address is 2990 W. 13th St., which is near 13th and St. Paul.

Weiss can’t say when the new store will open — construction just started — but she says, “We hope to have the store open by the end of summer.”

The store will be 9,014 square feet and sell a range of discount merchandise.

Weiss says Dollar General has a number of factors it looks at before opening a new location, such as demographic trends, traffic patterns and customer needs.

There are 14 Dollar Generals in Wichita.

Weiss doesn’t have any others to announce yet, but she says, “We’re always looking for opportunities to grow where it makes sense for us.”

I’ll have lunch, hold the water

Is it just me, or is there perhaps a better time to hose off the stairwells to the parking garage in Old Town Square than lunchtime on a busy Wednesday?

Stroud’s owners consider a move

Strouds, a Wichita tradition, might move.

The restaurant, known for its pan-fried chicken, is on Hillside near 37th Street, which is a bit out of the way compared to other restaurants that are more centrally located or clustered on the east or west sides.

Stroud’s owners aren’t talking, but sources say their lease is up soon, and they’ve been looking for new space for some time.

Staying where they’re at — business apparently is still fine — is an option as well.

We’ll keep you posted.

Great American Cookie closes at Towne West


On the heels of Simon Property Group’s lawsuit to evict Great American Cookie from Towne East Square and collect back rent from the business, the Great American Cookie at Towne West Square has closed.

No one with Great American Cookie returned a call for comment, and Simon, which owns the malls, declined to comment.

According to Simon’s April 7 lawsuit, Great American Cookie owes $13,450.56 in past due rent as of February.

The Towne East store, which has a monthly rent of $6,725.28, is still open.

Suede opening not so smooth

The new Suede lounge in Old Town is having some issues, but owner Charlie Badeen says it will remain open.

“We’re going to probably give it another 90 days and see what happens,” he says.

It looks like Ed Banda was briefly out as manager.

“I yell and scream a lot, let’s put it like that,” Badeen says.

But he says he’s giving Banda and the bar another chance.

“We’ve gone in there and tried to get him straightened out,” Badeen says. “He’s making a very good effort.”

Badeen says weekday business is the problem.

“It does real good two nights a week,” Badeen says of Fridays and Saturdays. “Other than that, you can’t get a soul in there.”

Badeen says this may have been the wrong time to open a new bar, and Suede’s piano-bar approach may not be the right concept.

“If the piano bar doesn’t work,” he says, “we may change the concept.”