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You don’t say

“Either way you get your dog back. Now that’s marketing.”

National Transportation Safety Board chairman Mark Rosenker, who spoke to the Wichita Aero Club today, commenting on a billboard he saw on Kellogg that advertises veterinary medicine and taxidermy

Zakas to open jazz bar at Clifton Square

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A new wine and jazz bar is coming to Clifton Square at 3700 E. Douglas, and this time Clifton owner Jo Zakas is the one opening the new business.

“Well, I felt that the city needed another jazz venue,” says Zakas, who will call hers the Wine Bar With Jazz. “There are so many wonderful musicians in Wichita, and it is the American music.”

Though Zakas has always wanted to open a wine bar, that wasn’t her initial plan for this space. She had been searching for a tenant.

“Since I couldn’t find anyone else, I thought, ‘Why not do it myself?’ ”

Zakas is using the one-time Le Beaujolais space. Le Beaujolais was a French restaurant that was at Clifton Square from 1987 to 1991.

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Are Parkstone’s buildings truly brownstones?

Brownstones at Parkstone at College Hill.

Brownstones at Parkstone at College Hill.

Parkstone at College Hill is on schedule to open its brownstones to the public at the Symphony Showhouse May 31. But some are wondering, are those buildings actually brownstones?

“You know, the term ‘brownstones,’ I went round and round with it,” developer Mike Loveland says. “I educated myself. I tried to define what a brownstone was.”

He says his research shows the term originated with some row houses in north Chicago that were named brownstones because of the color of the stones used on the buildings. And Loveland says the dictionary defines a brownstone as “a dwelling faced with reddish brown sandstone.”

A traditional brownstone like those found in Chicago and New York.

A traditional brownstone like those found in Chicago and New York.

“That’s what we’ve got on ours,” he says.

Part of it, anyway. There’s stone on the lower level of Parkstone’s first phase of brownstones. (Check out Kansas.com’s gallery of Parkstone construction photos and artists’ renderings.) In places, it goes up to the second level. The rest of it is siding.

“The term brownstone gets used kind of like row home or town home,” Loveland says. “There’s all kinds of different looks.”

Regardless of the amount of stone on the buildings, Loveland says, “They’re really unique to Wichita.”

Also, he says, construction isn’t complete.

Yet to come? A front porch, fencing, overhangs, paint and other things Loveland says will give the brownstones their distinctive looks.

“These are going to be fabulous,” he says. “You are just not going to believe it.”

So what does he say to the critics who think the buildings look more like apartments than brownstones?

“Are they buying one?”

Clix to open at Derby Marketplace

New businesses continue to sign on at Derby Marketplace in Derby.

Clix Portrait Studios will open in late June or early July.

Jenna Frazier has been running the franchise from her house since November. She’s excited about opening in front of Target.

“It’s just a really fun place to be,” she says.

The fun factor is also what attracted her to Clix.

“It’s really hip,” she says. “It’s really unique.”

Frazier will take all kinds of photos, including things like sports leagues, dance studios and proms.

“You name it, we probably do it,” she says.

Except for weddings, that is. As Frazier delicately puts it, “Too many chefs in the kitchen.”