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In STEP with Sonia Greteman

In case you ever doubted that Sonia Greteman is “fuchsia silk in a gray-flannel world” (a compliment she once received), check out this article on her in STEP Inside Deisgn.

Wichita to get a fourth Jimmy’s Egg

egg1A difficult economy isn’t slowing the expansion of Jimmy’s Egg, and that’s good news for Wichitans who live or work in the South West Street area.

Whitney VinZant and his partners, including Wink Hartman Sr., plan to open in the Tacos Lopez space at 220 S. West St. this fall after an extensive renovation.

“This will be our fourth location in under one year,” VinZant says. “You won’t find too many companies that are as aggressive as we are right now.”

The chain opened its first Wichita location late last year at 21st and Rock and recently opened at Central and Tyler. There are plans for a third location at Harry and Rock.

“I love the West Street location,” VinZant says. “The traffic and the surrounding businesses, especially to the south with a lot of industrial and construction jobs, those types of people are our best customers.”

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Tacos Lopez heads north

Maria Pinales is moving her Tacos Lopez restaurant from 220 S. West St. to 795 N. West St. That’s the former Kwan Wah space.

Troy Farha and Nathan Farha of Grubb & Ellis/Martens Commercial Group handled the transaction.

Tacos Lopez has been open since 2001 and serves what Pinales describes as authentic Mexican food in a fast food setting.

The restaurant will remain open until the end of this month in its current space and reopen in its new space May 1.

County courts Hartman Arena management

Sedgwick County officials are interested in possibly having Hartman Arena managers also manage the pavilions near Kansas Coliseum.

“They need to deal with the situation up there,” arena owner Wink Hartman Sr. says. “We would be very happy to sit down and talk with whomever.”wink1

SMG, which runs the county’s new Intrust Bank Arena, is running the coliseum for now. But that’s not a long-term arrangement.

“We don’t want to run two arenas that are in competition with one another,” County Commissioner Dave Unruh says.

But Hartman isn’t interested in the coliseum itself.

“I want nothing to do with that,” he says.

“I don’t blame (him),” Unruh says. “That’s one of the problems we’ve got.”

Park City administrator Jack Whitson says Chris Chronis, the county’s chief financial officer, called to see if there would be any objection to Hartman Arena managers also managing the pavilions.

“We have no objection,” Whitson says. “We want those facilities to continue because the bulk of our benefit is those outbuildings.”

For instance, a horse show in those buildings attracts participants to Park City hotels for days.

“It’s a weeklong deal instead of just a one-night concert,” Whitson says.

“Anything to keep those facilities running up there, we’re in favor of,” he says.

In recent years, the county has spent close to $7 million on pavilion upgrades.

“We need to do our best to keep something viable,” Unruh says. “I’d be willing to talk about something that sounded (like) a win-win. That’s how deals are made — where everybody comes out a winner.”

Hartman says he’s always open to new deals.

“If somebody calls, we’ll talk to anybody.”