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Round barn to be home to an events venue


Terri and Jon Reece both have day jobs — she’s a real estate agent with Prudential Dinning-Beard, and he’s a restaurant manager – but they’re now opening a business together.

The couple bought what’s known as the “round barn” at 9449 S. Woodlawn south of Derby and plan to open an events venue there.

“I would like it to eventually be my job,” Jon Reece says. “We’d like to see what this turns into.”

The yellow barn, which turns 100 next year, is well known in the area.

“Everybody just knows where it is and what is is,” Terri Reece says. “Most people see it when they’re coming down K-15.”

Benton Steele, whom Reece describes as the Frank Lloyd Wright of barn building, built the barn. Two wings were added in the ’40s, and the barn eventually held a medical clinic, an antiques shop and was used for church services and other functions.

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You don’t say

“I hope Elton can find time when we get our new arena in Wichita, Kansas — he can be the opening act!”

– A post on an Elton John fan site by Wichitan Bill Molash, who has seen 40 Elton John shows, including three recent ones where he was the inaugural act for new arenas

You don’t say

“Oh, my gosh. I can just see the Opinion Line.”
Little Early Childhood Center principal Linda Tillman, whose $102,800 salary is listed in Parade’s annual “What People Earn” issue Sunday, though she clarifies that amount includes all her benefits (such as health and retirement)

Kansas: Not so neurotic

Perhaps one of the reasons Kansans are so happy is that we’re not neurotic.

On the heels of the survey that Kansas is one of the happiest states comes another finding that says we’re one of the least neurotic.

The neurotic folks — at least according this study — tend to cluster on the East Coast. The people who are known for being open are on the West Coast.

And the folks in between? Residents of the central states are conscientious, agreeable and known for their “extraversion,” which means “sociability, energy and health.”