Hangar One Steakhouse ready for takeoff

hangar_one_steakhouseAfter a long wait, Greg and Beci Hiser’s Hangar One Steakhouse opens Friday night.

You wouldn’t need to know the name of the restaurant to know you were somewhere with an aviation theme.

From the outside of the building, you can see the nose of a plane protruding. (Kids are especially sure to love it since they can go inside.)

When you enter and give your name to the hostess, you’ll see your name, destination and gate number appear on a flat screen TV. You’ll even get a boarding pass to your seat, where large-scale model planes fly overhead and aviation terms dot the menu.

If you go, be sure and stop off in the Control Tower bar on the third floor. There are landing lights embedded in the bar itself. And, of course, you can see the real thing from your window view of Mid-Continent Airport.