Delano Bakery eyes Central & Oliver Dillons


College Hill residents have been hoping for a new grocery store to replace the former Dillons at Central and Oliver. That may not happen, but the next best thing could.

Owners of the more than 17-year-old Delano Bakery, which sells its bread at Dillons and to area restaurants, are eyeing the space for their first retail outlet.

Brant Dumford (pictured right), who owns the business with his father, Kelly (left), and brother, Cy (center), says the holdup is the landlord is worried how the bakery could affect Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe next door. delano

But Dumford says his business is strictly about making and selling bread while Sugar Sisters is a restaurant.

“We like to stay with the custom artisan specialty breads, and we don’t want to push anybody out of business anyway,” he says.

Delano Bakery may be best known for its stone hearth rustic bread, which is what you get with dipping oil at Larkspur.

That bread, along with an organic whole wheat bread and a tan wheat ciabatta (which Yia Yia’s Eurobistro serves), will now be available at Dillons, where Delano already sells breads like its cracked wheat and whole wheat bread.

“We’re just making Delano as big as it can be,” Dumford says of the company’s changes.

Kelly Dumford opened the bakery at 915 W. Douglas in Delano then moved to the Farm & Art Market and now is in the former Ali Baba Bakery space at 1025 W. 29th.

The Dumford brothers are now part owners with their father.

“He likes to do all the hard stuff and tell everybody they’re not doing it right,” Brant Dumford says.

The Dumfords plan on keeping their west-side space in addition to opening a retail outlet.

Brant Dumford says if the Central and Oliver space doesn’t work out, he’s also looked at the Waterfront on the east side. But he’s pulling for the old Dillons space.

“We would rather be a centrally located business because we deliver to everywhere.”