Daily Archives: April 1, 2009

Pacific Coast Pizza will add color to Siena Plaza


Going to school on the East Coast inspired Wichita native Rusty Law to open a restaurant named for the ocean on the West Coast.

Law and his brother, Kevin, plan to open Pacific Coast Pizza at Siena Plaza by July 4.

The beach-themed concept will add some vibrant color to Siena’s Tuscan design at 37th and Rock.

Rusty Law moved to South Carolina 14 years ago.

“That’s where I stumbled upon the concept that I have here,” Law says. “We put our own little spin on it.”

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Kudos to the Lions; me, not so much

The best thing I can say about today’s pancake competition is that it’s over.

Oh, OK. It wasn’t that bad. As usual, I was humiliated (can’t flip pancakes, toss ‘em or decorate ‘em), but at least my husband, former Eagle food writer Joe Stumpe, won the tossing contest, so I got a prize, too.

Emcee Jon Callen of Edmiston Oil was pretty entertaining, too. He talked about how the Wichita Downtown Lions have been putting on the annual Pancake and Sausage Day for so long (the 51st one is April 16th and benefits Youthville) they can do it in their sleep.

“If you get a bad pancake,” he said, “that could be the reason.”

Glickman is staying in the movies

SOCTUS FILE SHARINGThere’s talk circulating that Dan Glickman’s contract won’t be renewed with the Motion Picture Association of America, but that’s apparently not correct.

Glickman has been chief executive of the MPAA since 2004, and a representative from his office says his contract is going to be renewed.

The representative says the Wichita native and former congressman and U.S. secretary of agriculture will share details with Have You Heard? soon.

Hey, Bigwigs, JetBlue’s calling


For all the Wichitans who are down about the perception of corporate jets these days, here’s a little laugh.

Delano Bakery eyes Central & Oliver Dillons


College Hill residents have been hoping for a new grocery store to replace the former Dillons at Central and Oliver. That may not happen, but the next best thing could.

Owners of the more than 17-year-old Delano Bakery, which sells its bread at Dillons and to area restaurants, are eyeing the space for their first retail outlet.

Brant Dumford (pictured right), who owns the business with his father, Kelly (left), and brother, Cy (center), says the holdup is the landlord is worried how the bakery could affect Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe next door. delano

But Dumford says his business is strictly about making and selling bread while Sugar Sisters is a restaurant.

“We like to stay with the custom artisan specialty breads, and we don’t want to push anybody out of business anyway,” he says.

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