House approves home delivery for wine

TOPEKA – Kansans will be able to have up to 12 cases of wine delivered to their home annually under a bill approved by the state House on Monday.

Senate Bill 212 allows out of state wineries to ship directly to their customers. Currently, wine shipments must be sent to a liquor store.

The measure passed 111-12 and now goes to to the Senate for agreement.

Alcohol at special events and direct wine shipments pass the Senate

Wandering through Final Fridays with a glass of wine just moved a step closer to reality.

Wednesday, the Senate passed Senate Bill 213 on a vote of 37-3. Republican Senators Dennis Pyle, of Hiawatha, Roger Reitz, of Manhattan, and Dick Kelsey of Goddard voted against the measure.

The proposal allows communities to permit alcoholic beverages to be served within special event areas such as Final Friday or River Festival.

Currently, events can have beer gardens serving 3.2 beer, but the bill would expand the area to the entire event and increase the beverage options.

The chamber also approved SB 212 on a 39-1 vote. The bill allows Kansans to receive up to 12 cases of wine annually from out-of-state wineries. Currently, wine shipments must be sent to a liquor store.

Both bills now go to the House for debate.

Senate committee considers alcohol related bills

TOPEKA – The Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee could vote on three bills this morning that would impact how and where Kansas purchase alcohol.

The proposals are:

  • Senate Bill 213, which would expand the currently allowed beer gardens at special events to encompass larger areas and sell alcohol.

  • SB 212, which would allow wineries to ship directly to private residences.

  • SB 76, which would allow grocery and convenience stores to sell full strength beer.

If the measures are approved, they will be sent to the full Senate for a debate.