O’Connor: two endorsements from survivors of BTK, Carr brothers

Sedgwick County district attorney candidate Kevin O’Connor said he has received the endorsement from two survivors of two of Wichita’s most high-profile crimes, serial killer Dennis Rader and the Carr brothers.

Charlie Otero has given his endorsement, O’Connor said. Otero came home from school in 1974 to find his parents murdered, the first victims of Rader, who was known as BTK.

O’Connor said the other endorsement comes from the woman who survived the culmination of a week-long crime spree by Reginald and Jonathan Carr during a quadruple murder in December 2000. The Eagle has always only referred to the woman by the initials of H.G.

O’Connor was involved in the prosecution of both cases while he worked in the DA’s office.

O’Connor is running against Marc Bennett, a current Deputy DA, in Tuesday’s Republican primary to replace retiring DA Nola Foulston.