Workers must get time to vote, AG says

TOPEKA – Workers may take two hours out of their day to vote on Election Day, Attorney General Steve Six reminded employers on Thursday.

The business can specify the time, but cannot make the worker vote over their lunch hour, his release said.

β€œIt is important that employers make sure their employees have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process,” Six said.

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Giuliani, Obama leading in Kansas dollars

MoneyWhen it comes to campaign cash, you can always count on the Wichita Country Club — or at least those who live near it. As they have in past elections, residents in the 67206 zip code are pouring money into presidential campaigns at a rate rivaled only by the Shawnee Mission area and Olathe. But, as of late October when the latest finance reports came out, most of that money has been spent in vain on Sen. Sam Brownback, who withdrew from the race.

Of those remaining in the race, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is getting the biggest boost from Kansans, according to, a site operated by The Center for Responsive Politics, a non-profit and non-partisan group. Here’s a look at the rest, as provided by

  1. Sam Brownback -$382,477
  2. Rudolph W. Giuliani -$100,500
  3. Barack Obama -$95,004
  4. Mitt Romney -$83,100
  5. Hillary Clinton – $82,895
  6. John McCain – $82,490
  7. John Edwards – $42,950
  8. Fred Thompson – $40,501
  9. Ron Paul – $40,255
  10. Bill Richardson – $24,350
  11. Joseph R. Biden Jr. – $22,700
  12. Christopher J. Dod – $11,200
  13. Tom Tancredo – $4,760
  14. Mike Huckabee – $4,235
  15. Ralph Nader – $1,100
  16. Duncan Hunter – $1,000
  17. Dennis J. Kucinich – $200
  18. Alan L. Keyes – $200
  19. Susan Gail Ducey – $172
Total to All Candidates: $1,020,089

The figures above reflect fund-raising through Oct. 29, 2007. Candidates file their year-end reports Jan. 31. As it stands today, Kansans’ political donations are split roughly 70 percent to Republicans and 30 percent Democrats.