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Bomb threat to anti-abortion activist came from same number used to threaten stores

A Wichita anti-abortion activist said Tuesday she’s been told that a bomb threat against her last month apparently came from the same person who threatened to blow up several stores in Wichita and Salina.

Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy advisor for the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, said an FBI investigator told her last week that the threatening call to her on Nov. 14 came from the same number used to call in threats against three K-Marts and a Walgreens the same day.

Sullenger said she was puzzled that she was targeted for a call since as far as she knows, she’s the only individual the caller threatened.

According to police, the caller had apparently threatened the stores in an attempt to extort them into loading money onto debit cards and giving them to him.

Sullenger said the call to her was more personal in nature.

“The guy called and said he was over at my house and gave me my street address,” she said. “He said he was ‘going to blow up my (expletive) house.’”

Wichita police swept the home with a bomb-sniffing dog and found nothing, Sullenger said.

She said the investigator told her that officers had contacted the owner of the phone number used for the calls, but are now pursuing the possibility that someone else “cloned” the number to another phone and used that to misdirect investigators.

Someone using the same number had also called Operation Rescue president Troy Newman, but he didn’t pick up and the caller didn’t leave a message, Sullenger said.