Regents approve big tuition increases; blame Legislature for cutting university funding

TOPEKA — Complaining that the Legislature forced their hand, the Kansas Board of Regents on Wednesday approved a sweeping package of tuition increases for the state’s public universities.

The tuition increases include:

Pittsburg State — 7.4 percent increase overall, 4.4 percent of which is to cover the reduction in state support.

University of Kansas — 4.9 percent overall, 2.5 percent to offset lost state support; For KU Medical School, 7.3 overall, which does not cover the 12 percent state cut.

Fort Hays State — 3.4 percent overall, 2.5 percent due to state cut.

Emporia State University — 6.5 percent overall, 6.4 percent to offset state cut.

Wichita State University — 8 percent overall, 3.5 percent to offset state cuts.

The votes on all the increases were unanimous and regents one after another lashed the state Legislature for a package of cuts passed in the budget in the after-midnight hours on June 2.

The regents noted that Kansas’ main competitors, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, Iowa and Nebraska, all increased funding for their university systems this year.

“The only state in the area that was decreased is our state,” said Regent Dan Lykins