Wichita Metro Chamber PAC announces endorsements

The Wichita Metro Chamber PAC announced its endorsements for the Aug. 7 primary today. The Chamber’s political arm sided predominantly with the more conservative of candidates, although the Chamber says its endorsements aren’t based on political labels and are rather intended to support the candidate most likely to help grow the economy and add jobs.

Chamber lobbyist Jason Watkins said the endorsements are based on their views of who is proactive on helping the state be more competitive by lowering the cost of business and reducing regulations.

Here’s their endorsement list. And here’s a link to their most recent ethics commission filing, which shows where recent contributions have come from.

South Central Kansas State House Candidates

District 72    Marc Rhoades

District 73    Clark Shultz

District 76    Willie Prescott*

District 76    Peggy Mast*

District 77    David Crum

District 79    Larry Alley

District 80    Kasha Kelley

District 81    Jim Howell

District 82    Pete DeGraff

District 84    Dan Heflin

District 85    Steve Brunk

District 86    John Stevens

District 87    Mark Kahrs

District 88    Joe Scapa

District 89    Peggy Elliott

District 90    Steve Huebert

District 91    Gene Suellentrop

District 92    Brenda Landwehr

District 93    George “Joe” Edwards

District 94    Mario Goico

District 95    Benny Boman

District 96    Rick Lindsey

District 97    Les Osterman

District 98    Phil Hermanson

District 99    Dennis Hedke

District 100  Bridget Schneider

District 101  Joe Seiwert

District 104  Ken Willard

District 105  Mark Hutton

District 116  Kyle Hoffman

South Central Kansas State Senate Candidates

District 14  Forrest Knox

District 16  Ty Masterson

District 25  Michael O’Donnell

District 26  Dan Kerschen

District 27  Les Donovan

District 28  Mike Peterson

District 29  Kenya Cox

District 30  Susan Wagle

District 31  Gary Mason

District 32  Steve Abrams

District 34  Terry Bruce

County Commission, District III

Karl Peterjohn*

Jeff Longwell*

Other Races

Judge William Woolley

*indicates dual endorsement