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Board of Education members rebuke Chappell’s op-ed letter


At least six Kansas Board of Education members are poised to sign a letter rebuking an opinion article written by fellow board member Walt Chappell, of Wichita, that criticized standardized student testing programs being used in Kansas and many other states.

Chappell’s letter, as published in The Eagle April 5, says that federal No Child Let Behind mandates “have been a major disaster and a tremendous waste of taxpayer money,” and he contended Common Core Standards being implemented this year “will be more of the same — but worse.” Chappell also wrote that Education Commissioner Diane DeBacker, who had written her own letter to newspaper editors that boasted about the progress of Kansas students, is involved in a “cover-up” to hide poor test results among Kansas students.

In an interview today, Chappell said he stands by what he wrote. He said past results have been misleading because of changes in definitions and testing policies. And he said that the Common Core Standards will lead to teachers teaching to a test Students, parents, teachers and leaders need to have accurate information.

“I want a dialog, not an argument,” he said. Read More »