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Conference speakers: Tax and government cuts better than public incentives for spurring growth


Instead of giving incentives to businesses to locate to Kansas and Wichita, the state and city should cut taxes and regulations to create a climate where businesses will naturally want to come here.

That’s the general consensus among free-market experts and advocates brought to Wichita today from around the country for an economic development conference sponsored by the Kansas Policy Institute, a free-market think tank with ties to Wichita-based Koch Industries.

Among the approximately 150 attendees were US Rep. Mike Pompeo, about 10 state legislators, three Sedgwick County commissioners and four Wichita City Council members. All were Republicans except Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau, D-Wichita, whose district includes the Wichita State University complex where the meeting was held.

The conference speakers painted a grim picture of a state that is overburdened by government and taxes. Read More »