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Border War over for Libertarians; Kansas and Missouri to share presidential convention

The Kansas Libertarian Party is getting ready to hold its state convention.

In Missouri.

It’s not actually as strange as it sounds. This year, the Sunflower State’s biggest third party has decided to share a convention with the Show Me State so they can all get to see as many of their presidential candidates as possible.

So far, seven have agreed to come and participate in a debate at the bi-state convention, where the two states’ presidential delegates will be apportioned.

The most recognizable name and likely winner is Gary Johnson, the former New Mexico governor who tried for the Republican nomination earlier this year and then bolted to the Libertarians after he was denied a place on stage in several GOP presidential debates.

Gary Johnson

While the other candidates are not widely known to the general public, all have been active in party circles, said Al Terwelp, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Kansas.

Joining Johnson in the Libertarian debate will be Jim Burns, Roger Gary, Carl Person, Bill Still, and R. Lee Wrights.

– Burns is a longtime Libertarian activist from Nevada who did nine months in prison for refusing to pay income taxes.

– Gary is the former chairman of the Texas Libertarian Party and held elective office, a seat on the board of the San Antonio River Authority.

– Harris is a National Guard veteran and first year law student at the University of Oklahoma.

– Person is a New York antitrust and small-business attorney who once started a for-profit court system called the “National Private Court.”

– Sill is a documentary film-maker and former newspaper editor from Virginia.

– Wrights, of North Carolina, is editor of LibertyForAll.net and former vice-chairman of the party.

There are apparently others running, but the party’s national web site doesn’t say who they are. Read More »