Daily Archives: Jan. 11, 2012

New mission statement: Department of Health and Environment seeks to improve health and environment

Following on the heels of the state Democratic Party (“Committed to electing Democrats in Kansas,” see post below), the Kansas Department of Health and Environment has come up with a similarly tautological expression of its raison d’etre.

The new mission statement of KDHE: “To protect and improve the health and environment of all Kansans.”

The new mission statement deletes the phrase that used to follow the word “Kansans” in the old mission statement: “by promoting responsible choices.”

For the record, KDHE still stands foursquare in favor of responsible choices, according to a statement from agency chief Robert Moser.

“Leaving out ‘promoting responsible choices’ in no way means that we’re moving away from promoting healthier, greener living,” Moser said in the statement. “Promoting responsible choices is only one strategy the department uses to improve the state of health and environment in Kansas.”

The new mission statement emerged out of a strategic planning process that ran from July to October of last year and included input from all 1,200 agency employees and 10 outside “stakeholder” groups.

In addition to a new mission statement, the process generated a plan to guide the agency through the next three years.

“The strategic map focuses on six mission-critical priorities with two cross-cutting priorities intended to strengthen key partnerships and assess effectiveness,” KDHE’s announcement said.

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