Daily Archives: Dec. 15, 2011

SRS Director to step down at the end of the month


TOPEKA – Rob Siedlecki, director of the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services, will resign at the end of December, Gov. Sam Brownback announced this afternoon.

Siedlecki, who has faced tough questioning from lawmakers about his proposed changes in the department, will take a new position with the State of Florida “to be closer to his family,” according to the administration.

Siedlecki, who is divorced, came from Florida earlier this year to take on the job as director of the SRS. His two school-age children live in New York and his parents live in Florida, according to SRS spokeswoman Angela de Rocha. She did not know what job he is taking in Florida, and she said he would not be doing media interviews.

His salary is listed as $115,000 as of May.

In prepared remarks issued by Brownback’s administration, Siedlecki said he promised Brownback one year to transform SRS to make it more effective and efficient.

“While I am returning to my home state of Florida, Kansas and Kansans will have special places in my heart,” Siedlecki’s statement read. “Kansas hospitality is real.”

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