Daily Archives: Dec. 7, 2011

Sheriff’s sergeant, son of Vern Miller, saw it all in 36 years with Sedgwick County

Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Sgt. Clifford Miller accepted his retirement clock today from the place he worked for 36 years.

Miller, the son of former sheriff and Kansas attorney general Vern Miller, had the audience laughing and crying as he told of his career with the county.

“I have seen babies born, and I have witnessed people die,” Miller said. “I have seen people with injuries that should not have died. . . die, and those with injuries that should have died. . . not die. Five of the last six sheriff’s officers killed were personal friends of mine. I’d had breakfast with one of them the very morning he was shot and killed in this courthouse. I watched one of them die on the operating table after he was stabbed in Oaklawn. He was my fishing partner and one of my closest friends.”

Miller noted that he was deputized when he was 3 days old and spent much of his childhood at the courthouse.

He joked that in the early days, he and a lieutenant were part of the Sedgwick County Skunk Removal Program.

“Nowadays, we would have to call that SCSRP,” he said, drawing chuckles from the crowd. “He and I, when things were slow, would look for and shoot skunks out in the county. The one with the most skunks got a free breakfast from the other at the end of our shift.”

Miller said he had been involved in “the foot chases, the car chases and the barking dog cases.”

He remembered a case in which a fellow officer was struck with a skillet by a woman who had called 911 to report her husband beating her.

He said he had trained many officers, including several who passed him in rank.

“I of course claim my influences on them only when they have done good things,” Miller said.

Miller was one of seven people who accepted retirement clocks from the county today.