Daily Archives: Sept. 27, 2011

Brownback endorses Pompeo for second term in Congress


Gov. Sam Brownback wants Rep. Mike Pompeo to stay in Washington, D.C., endorsing him Tuesday for a second term in Congress.

“Mike, I’m glad you’re liking the commute,” Brownback joked after the 4th District Congressman confirmed he would run for re-election.

Pompeo, R-Wichita, said he wanted Brownback at his side for the announcement because he has watched how the federal government meddles with state government.

The federal government, he said, makes a lot of decisions that keep state leaders from doing what they need to do.

“The good ideas that I have seen in my first year have all come from governors,” Pompeo said, noting that state leaders have to balance budgets and can’t simply print more money to operate.

“The math has to work,” Pompeo said.

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