Daily Archives: July 28, 2011

Tequila Party bows to the heat, moves to Friday night at the NoMar Marketplace

The ongoing heat wave has prompted organizers to change the plan for this weekend’s inaugural Tequila Party political event in Wichita.

The group is moving the event from Saturday afternoon to Friday evening and will share the stage at the Nomar International Marketplace with a local band instead of bringing in outside talent, said Dennis Romero, Kansas state director for the Tequila Party.

The Tequila Party had planned to launch its drive to register and mobilize Latino voters for the 2012 election with an outdoor concert by PGEEZ, a Chicago rap artist of Mexican and Brazilian descent.

But organizers decided it’s simply too hot right now and plan to reschedule his appearance for the fall, when it will be cooler and the show will draw a larger turnout, Romero said.

In Kansas, the Tequila Party’s primary goal is to register as many voters as possible before a new state law takes effect requiring new registrants to provide documental proof of citizenship. Opponents of the new law say it will render mass public registration drives impractical because few people carry their birth certificate, passport or other required citizenship documentation with them. Read More »