Sedgwick County might move Kansas Coliseum bulls to Delano

The shiny chrome bulls at the former Kansas Coliseum complex could go to a new home: Historic Delano west of downtown Wichita.

Staff has recommended that the longhorn John Kearney sculptures be moved to Delano because of the area’s ties to cattle drives. The Historic Delano website says that “Delano sprang up as a cowtown at the end of the Chisholm Trail and quickly gained a reputation as a place where trail-weary cowboys could take their rest and recreation in the many saloons and brothels.”

The sculptures need about $87,000 in repairs. One can’t be moved without them, staff said.

Maize South High School also has expressed interest in the bulls.

Commissioner Jim Skelton said he thinks whatever group gets the bulls should share in the cost of repairing them. Commissioner Richard Ranzau noted that Maize said they would move and repair the bulls at no cost to the county.