Daily Archives: July 6, 2011

Accidental e-mail gives behind-the-scenes peek into pro-choice press release

You may have seen that commercial where an office worker accidentally hits “reply all” on an e-mail, and then races around town swiping laptops and smart phones from everybody he doesn’t want to read it.

Sometimes, reality imitates television.

An accidental e-mail today gave the Kansas press corps a peek at the sausage-making that goes into the news releases we get all day.

The Trust Women Political Action Committee issued a press release objecting to Wichita pro-life lawyer Rick Macias being appointed to the Board of Healing Arts.

But they also inadvertently included the rough drafts and editing notes that led up to the final statement.

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Two Sedgwick County commissioners defend right to speak out at meetings

Sedgwick County commissioners Karl Peterjohn and Richard Ranzau spoke out this morning about what they said was their right to talk about whatever they want at the end of their meetings.

Commissioners have time at the end of every Wednesday meeting, called “other” on the agenda, to tell residents about upcoming events, issues of importance or other matters.

Chairman Dave Unruh recently told The Eagle he thought it was time for commissioners to “reel” themselves in a bit and stay focused on county business.

Peterjohn and Ranzau stressed today that they had a First Amendment right to speak. Peterjohn noted that President Obama talks on his Saturday radio program, and Gov. Sam Brownback has his “State of the State” address.

Members of the public are limited to five minutes when they address commissioners, but commissioners are under no such time limit at the end of the meetings.

Unruh did not respond to Peterjohn and Ranzau from the bench. He used his time at the end of the meeting to talk about the upcoming Sedgwick County Fair. Commissioner Tim Norton did not take his turn to speak. Commissioner Jim Skelton was not in attendance.

Sheriff’s reserve deputy “retires” after 37 years of volunteering

Sharron Webster volunteered longer for Sedgwick County than many people stay in their regular jobs.

Webster served as a Sheriff’s Office reserve deputy for 37 years. Commissioners thanked her today for her service. Chairman Dave Unruh noted it was an unusual accomplishment both for length of service and for a shootout in which Webster was involved.

Wearing the blue uniform of sheriff’s deputies, Webster said she had been honored to serve as a reserve deputy for almost four decades.