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Mauled pony goes home, dog owner says angry ex may be to blame for dogs’ escape

Amy Long, a kennel technician at the Blair Doon Veterinary Hospital, leads Storm the pony to the trailer that took him home to O.J. Watson Park Friday, three weeks after he was seriously injured in a pit bull dog attack.

Laura Apsley shares a kiss with her pit bull dog "Chaos." She said she believes an ex-boyfriend kicked a hole in her fences, allowing Chaos and her other dog, "Mama," to escape and maul a pony at O.J. Watson Park.

Storm the pony returned home Friday after three weeks in an animal hospital, and the owner of the pit bulls that mauled him says she thinks the incident was caused by an angry ex-boyfriend kicking a hole in her fence.

City officials this week filed two citations against the dogs’ owner, Laura Apsley.

She will go to Municipal Court July 18 on charges that she allowed the dogs to run at large and attack another animal. She also faces charges of failing to provide full proof of licensing and vaccination.

Veterinarian Jenny Sullivan of Blair Doon Veterinary Hospital, who volunteered her services to care for Storm, said the pony no longer needs full-time care.

“He needed to get back to his pony friends” where he’ll have more room to roam around, she said.

Storm is owned by the city of Wichita and is one of seven ponies kept at a shelter at O.J. Watson Park to provide rides for children.

He suffered serious wounds to his flank, neck and mouth when he was attacked by two pit bulls inside the pony shelter at the park the morning of June 11.

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