Commissioner Peterjohn calls for resignation of New York Times columnist

Sedgwick County commissioner Karl Peterjohn this morning called for New York Times columnist David Carr to resign, or be fired, because of comments Carr made recently on a TV show.

Carr recently appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher” and made a comment that Kansas is a place of “low-sloping foreheads,” which Peterjohn said was worse than calling Kansans neanderthals.

Carr, who is originally from Minnesota, caught himself while live on TV and chastised himself, asking himself if he had really said that out loud.

He has since apologized on social media.

He said earlier this week in a Tweet to an Eagle reporter — not in response to Peterjohn’s comments — that he was in the “naughty corner for the foreseeable future.”

Peterjohn said Carr’s comment illustrated how the mainstream media perceives everyday people.