Daily Archives: June 29, 2011

Commissioner Peterjohn calls for resignation of New York Times columnist

Sedgwick County commissioner Karl Peterjohn this morning called for New York Times columnist David Carr to resign, or be fired, because of comments Carr made recently on a TV show.

Carr recently appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher” and made a comment that Kansas is a place of “low-sloping foreheads,” which Peterjohn said was worse than calling Kansans neanderthals.

Carr, who is originally from Minnesota, caught himself while live on TV and chastised himself, asking himself if he had really said that out loud.

He has since apologized on social media.

He said earlier this week in a Tweet to an Eagle reporter — not in response to Peterjohn’s comments — that he was in the “naughty corner for the foreseeable future.”

Peterjohn said Carr’s comment illustrated how the mainstream media perceives everyday people.

Sedgwick County commissioners rule Valley Center has followed annexation service plan

Sedgwick County commissioners this morning voted 3 to 2 that Valley Center has complied with an annexation service plan.

But the board, and one of the county’s attorneys, also said that the service plan was relatively weak compared with other cities’.

A handful of residents spoke at the meeting and said Valley Center had failed to make good on the promises it made when it annexed their neighborhood.

Stay tuned for updates.

Delinquent property tax bills go out in Sedgwick County

Forgot to pay your property taxes? Be on the lookout for a reminder from Sedgwick County.

The treasurer’s office this week is mailing out about 23,000 delinquent 2010 real property tax bills and about 600 delinquent second-half personal property tax bills.

Treasurer Linda Kizzire has been trying to get a bit more assertive about past due taxes, adding a big red “DELINQUENT” stamp on notices.

In addition to paying in person at the treasurer’s office, property owners may pay their taxes online by visiting the treasurer’s website at www.sedgwickcounty.org. Residents should select the “tax payment system” option and use a MasterCard, VISA or Discover card to pay online.

A reminder service also is available at www.sedgwickcounty.org. Property owners can sign up to receive an e-mail reminder of real estate and personal property taxes due each year. An e-mail address is needed to register for the service.