Daily Archives: June 16, 2011

Regents raise tuition across the state university system

TOPEKA — The Kansas Board of Regents has just approved substantial increases in tuition for all state universities.

Regents said the increases are necessary to offset a $10 million cut in state support and $13 million in unavoidable cost increases, mostly in insurance rates.

Increases for resident undergraduates range from 4 percent at Kansas State and Fort Hays State universities, to 6.9 percent at Emporia State.

Other increases include: Wichita State, 6 percent; Pittsburg State, 6.8 percent; and University of Kansas, 5-6.2 percent depending on the campus and program.

Regents expressed a high level of frustration with the Legislature. “Everything is going up except state funding,” said Regent Dan Lykins of Topeka.

“It feels like we used to have a partner in this process and they’ve left,” said Regent Christine Downey-Schmidt of Inman.

She said if the Legislature had provided $26 million more in funding, there would have been no tuition increase.

“I hope that shows up in a headline somewhere,” she said.