Daily Archives: June 7, 2011

120 Sedgwick County employees sign up for voluntary retirement

Monday was the deadline for Sedgwick County employees to sign up for a special voluntary retirement program, and 120 staff members have done so.

The county offered early retirement to 385 employees – 202 who qualified for full retirement benefits and 183 who qualified for reduced benefits.

The first day for employees to retire under the plan is July 1; the last day is Jan. 1, 2012.

The county will pay accrued vacation and comp time and up to 30 days of sick time for employees who have saved up 800 or more hours of sick leave.

Eligible staff who agree to retire early also will get to choose from help with health insurance or a lump-sum payment of 20 more days of sick leave for a total of 50 days of sick pay.

For employees who choose the former, the county will continue to pay its share of premiums for five years or until the employee reaches age 65, whichever is first.

The early retirement program was offered to minimize the number of layoffs likely needed as the county tries to shave $9 million from its budget next year and $8 million in 2013.